Triple J Communications LLC

Telecommunications Contract Construction and Splicing
2760 N. Eastown Rd    Elida, Ohio
HCR 3  BOX 163    Beaver, Oklahoma

About Triple J Communications, LLC

My name is John Kiley and I am the founder of Triple J Communications, LLC.  I have been a contract splicer for many years now and have done work in Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Puerto Rico. 
I was working for another contract company when they were forced to close  their doors due to health problems.  I formed Triple J Communications almost overnight to help fulfill a contract with Panhandle Telephone Company my former employeer had entered into with Panhandle Telephone Company.  

Triple J Communications, LLC has provided contract employees to Panhandle Telephone Company in the Oklahoma Panhandle for over twelve years.  Over the past years we have provided employees to a company in Florida and helped in Louisiana with the Hurricane Katrina restoration. 

New equipment and employees are being added to the company all the time to help us keep up with the ever changing industry.  We have most recently expanded into splicing fiber control cables for windmill energy companies.  

Triple J Communications LLC
is available in case of national disasters. We were in 
Louisiana for six months to help with the restoration of the telephone system after Hurricane Katrina.  We worked hand in hand with SW BELL as splicers to help return the phone systems to a working life line. 

Triple J Communication employees are experienced in placing and splicing copper and fiber cable and with all other aspects of the telecommunications industry outside plant.  All employees have their own trucks, tools and test equipment. 

We have our own fully equipped fiber splicing trailers, bucket truck and equipment.

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